Radio Producer

I have a passion for working in radio broadcasting. I love being in the studio, working behind-the-scenes, making your station and on-air personalities shine. I enjoy the challenge of working in a fast-paced environment with quick thinking on my feet.

My competitive drive led me to produce a morning show at Olivet College’s WOCR-FM. While most college students were still asleep, I was snagging morning commuters who may have never listened to WOCR before. I got into the studio early, set up the transmitters and board, and pumped out rock music from 7:00 a.m -9:30 a.m. I noticed that the servers at the college cafeteria were playing a different station as students came in for breakfast. Interested in growing our audience, I asked them to play WOCR instead. Plus only made sense that our own cafeteria played our own station! They agreed as long as I played one or two country songs per hour. Deal!

Being a go-getter in serving the audience interest also led me to establish on-air announcements of campus & community events at Olivet College’s WOCR-FM. I got event ideas from City Hall, the library, and from anyone else I could think would have something going on. My main source was student services’ daily events email. I would rewrite their announcements for radio copy and put the printed notecards in the studio for all on-air talent to read.

Radio Production Skills
I am very much interested in radio production for a news-talk radio show or a news program. I enjoy working under pressure, learning new things, and having the opportunity to be analytical and creative.

Excellent communication skills and Engaging Personality.   
Analytical, Detail Oriented, Creative, Investigative Skills
Articulate, intelligent and fast on my feet. Adaptable and a Team Player.
Technical Aptitude with audio equipment and staying on top of changing technologies

Tags: Analytics, audio editing for podcast and rebroadcast, brand integrity, branding, display advertising, Hootsuite, public relations, radio production, SEO, social media, Sony SoundForge, WordPress

Producer – PaleoRadio December 2011 – April 2013
PaleoRadio, produced at WPRR AM/FM in Grand Rapids, MI with host Jeremiah Bannister was a talk show focused on commentary on social issues and politics. We were on the air at WPRR for three hours a day, Monday-Friday. And we spent much more time spent outside of the studio in preparation for the next show and marketing. It was -eat, sleep, PaleoRadio. I contributed to PaleoRadio in the following ways:

  • Live on-air production in a fast-paced environment
  • Recorded and edited show for rebroadcast and podcast using Sony SoundForge
  • Identified, reseearched and scheduled guests for interviews
  • Prepared questions and background information for interviews
  • Created website for the show using WordPress
  • Wrote and posted show notes content on website for each episode
  • Promoted show via Twitter, Facebook, and public events
  • Drafted & directed creation final version of logo
  • Created flyers to promote the show
  • Recruited, trained, and supervised call-screening volunteers and a graphic design intern

On-Air Personality/Host, News & Public Affairs Director – WOCR September 2008 – April 2011
WOCR is Olivet College’s radio station. The radio studio is one of the first places I visited after becoming a student and very quickly I moved from being invited to contribute to Kelly and Kyle Modad’s MoBro’s radio show to getting a show of my own that first semester and throughout my time at Olivet College. I contributed to WOCR in the following ways:

  • Produced live music show called BottleRocketRadioShow which featured protest/social cause music ranging from the 60’s to the 90’s. Designed and distributed ink pen advertising specialty to promote the show. Posted flyers around campus to promote the show.
  • Produced live music show called It’s Simply Complicated which was an eclectic mix of post-rock and newer music from west coast artists, Word Jazz, and world beat.
  • Initiated and produced live morning show called The Morning Show which featured album rock, rock, and some country.
  • Initiated and managed public affairs and community events announcements to be read each hour in rotation by all the on-air radio hosts. Researched events and wrote radio copy for the announcements.
  • Announced weather and time checks, played audio PSA’s and contributed to the music library.

Assistant Producer – WGVU AM/FM  December 1992 – May 1995
WGVU AM/FM is Grand Valley State University’s NPR-affiliated radio station. I contributed to WGVU AM/FM in the following ways:

  • Board operation at an AM/FM NPR affiliate and switch over to BBC at midnight
  • Recorded shows on tape from satellite feed for later scheduled broadcast
  • Prepared reel-to-reel tape for show broadcasts during my shift
  • Executed live feeds for shows from BBC, WGVU Newsroom, and WGVU TV
  • Assisted Program Manager, Michael Packer with equipment setup and take at live broadcasts at local venue
  • Executed traffic schedule
  • Live on-air hourly weather report and announced breaking alerts for weather watches and warnings
  • Played ‘carts’ for underwriting credits
  • Participated in on-air fundraising and taking phone calls from donors
  • Filled in for FM hosts on occasion with their jazz and blues shows

Olivet College – Bachelor of Arts in Journalism/Mass Communication Class of 2011

Professor Joanne Williams – my advisor at Olivet College.
John Schull – Colleague at Olivet College/Station Manager at WOCR
Jeremiah Bannister -Colleague at Olivet College/ Host of PaleoRadio
Kelly Modad – Colleague at Olivet College
Beth Miller – Coworker at WGVU